Negative Entities

It’s the time of year when people start thinking more about negative entities and what impact they can have on humans. First, we need a definition for negative entity. Negative entities can be hostile, low vibration energy that was left over in a room from an argument – we have all had the experience of walking into a room and feeling a heaviness. This energy can affect our moods too if we allow it. Negative entities can also be very strong energies that have split off from a person. A person has a traumatic event or may perpetrated a negative event, and the energy nearly takes on a life of its own looking for a place to roost and exist. Think of Shamanic soul retrieval, a shaman it literally finds pieces of a person’s soul to reunite it. A negative entity can be part of a person’s soul.

Our best defense is to recognize what negative energy is and keep our vibration high and light. Light always dispels darkness. Staying in our hearts, generating positive energy by remembering what we are grateful for each day and simply knowing the negativity can’t effect us defends us. Showering and washing the back of our neck especially also can remove any negative energy that may be trying to attach itself. The back of the neck is a common latch place for negative energy because it is also where energy rises and can form a channel to our higher selves. We can also rub a small amount of properly diluted sage oil or rosemary oil on the neck and a dot on each chakra for protection.

Joy is our best defense and we can practice joy and get better and better at it. The more joy we have the more light will fill our lives.

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