Returning to our spiritual foundation

Why do some people have a “better life” than others?

The problem is thinking and reacting. When we make better choices and practice making them, it leads to a better life, in this lifetime and then in the next. It starts with our spiritual foundation. Humanity has been highjacked into thinking it is flawed and only redeemable by an outside source, a savior. Someone so much better and more perfect than we are, has to rush in, we have to follow him, and he is the only way to save ourselves from ourselves. It is literally counterintuitive and just plain dumb.

We forget our source, our foundation, is Divine Love. We were made in the image of God and God is Love. We aren’t flawed humans, we just sometimes forget our foundation and need to go back to our roots. We need to become more aware of who we are again and bathe in that reality. Positive thought, positive emotion, positive energy. Sadness and negative, dark energy creates a low vibration which allows negative entities to attach to us. As they say, like draws like. Being Positive takes diligence and constant practice until it becomes habitualized. Feeling is conscious awareness of vibration expressed with and through your physical body. We have to take the time to be aware of how we are thinking and feeling and make good choices. We always have a choice to be positive or negative. But again, negativity draws negativity and positivity draws positivity.

People focus on finding your purpose and everyone seems to struggle to find out what they are truly supposed to be doing. It is much simpler than we think. All we really need to do is look to astrology, another thing certain religions have tried to demonize and prevent us from accessing. Your Sun Sign is actually what you are striving for in this lifetime. For example, if you are an Aries, your purpose is to be brave, courageous pioneering and passionate, Virgos bring organization, structure efficiency, Pisces, dreams imagination, intuition etc. Begin with your Sun Sign and start to understand your place in the Universe. Latch onto it with every fiber of your being believing you are meant for it and it for you.

Use your spiritual imagination to go back to the roots of Divine Love and have a better life. Unee aligns what you need in your favor, but you have to take the first step towards that reality. Getting aligned with Unee and Divine Love is the key.

We cannot outperform our self-image.

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