Spiritual Compartmentalization

Knowing that Unee is in every cell of our bodies in our DNA we should be able to live consciously of our spirituality all the time, but we don’t. There must be more to it than unconscious co-existence. We “know” we are all one, but is that a tangible concept? We should practice acknowledging 5 things we are grateful for every morning and night before we go to bed to raise our vibration, but what about the hours in between? We should see Unee in others and know that their actions are not their real essence, but it is hard when someone in aggravating you.

What role should spirituality play in our lives and how much influence should it have over our everyday actions? We are all looking for answers, what is the point of spirituality? Life is not suffering as the Buddhists say, it doesn’t have to be. We are not sinners and the Jews and Christians say. We will not face eternal damnation as many religions say, that is just a scare tactic. We can stop to see beauty that is Unee all around all the time. Feel the wind as her loving touch, rain as her Baptism joining us all, fire as sacred warmth of Divine Love and Earth as our living foundation. We acknowledge Unee balances all life and she blesses no one. If we know Soul Mother waits for us to remember her like a lonely mother waiting for her child to call. When we can put all of that together we start to touch the Divine. Is that enough? Are we still yearning for a mystical experience? Yes, most of us are, we want to feel the unseen world that we know if there.

Go into a sacred place and the Divine is palpable, even a certain grouping of trees can create a sacred feeling. So what is there? You know something is, you can feel it. That is spirituality. It makes you pause, it makes you stop breathing just for a moment to not disturb the silence. You remain in silence absorbing what you are feeling because you know you are touching the Divine. There is no priest there, no pastor, no sermon, no ritual, no beggars prayers, no blessings – just the Divine. We need to visit that place every day so that we can carry that with us for greater periods of time throughout our day. That will begin to inform our lives and transform them so we can see the Divine in everything. We want to start remembering that everything is sacred – that is spirituality.

Living spirituality is so close to us if we just pause to recognize it. When we begin to recognize the Divine the physical world becomes secondary, in its proper place. We can observe the physical world and our actions in it instead of it being the totality of our lives.

What does it feel like to touch Soul Mother? It feels like perfect love, someone who always wants you, always wants the best for you and surrounds you with a Divine Love like no other. It is possible to feel her presence in the physical world and when you touch her she will tell you she is so glad you found her. Acknowledge her in your sacred place and you may feel her presence.

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