Keys to Ascension

First, we have to define ascension. Ascension is raising your vibration to connect to the higher realms where Unee resides. You can not ascend by performing religious ritual, attending church, temple or mosque services or following someone else’s ideology. You actually have to go inside, connect with Unee on a deeper level and do the work yourself. “Clocking in” at church, temple, mosque and saying memorized prayers is actually a waste of time.

Ascension means getting to the point you can go between Worlds at will and then help others do the same.

So what are the keys to ascension?

Positivity; it raises your vibration

Optimism: raises vibration

Remembering life isn’t suffering

Looking inside yourself for spiritual authority

Focusing on the spiritual side of life less than the physical – physical is good and we came here to experience it, but don’t get overly focused on it

Making your spiritual life a priority

Seeing the angel or spiritual soul in everyone

Choosing positive acts in the physical world – will make the physical life happier

Remembering you came into the World because you like to, we all do

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