Rewrite your memories

Time is not linear even though it feels that way to us. Measurement of time is a human construct built to organize time and increase productivity. All life is happening simultaneously, it is a difficult concept to understand.

It does give us the opportunity to change the past, because it is actually occurring now, and create a different future. We all have gone through phases where we ruminate over what we did, said, what was done to us or not done for us. What we need to do at those times is to recreate the memory. Re-write the event in a positive way you would have liked to have seen occur. All of our memories are distorted based on our mindset at the time. Two people together in the same situation will often remember the situation completely differently because of their mindset, their attitude at the time of the event.

So how reliable is our memory actually? It is not reliable.

It is important to walk yourself through the event step by step and first re-write the script and then be sure to add the emotion to it. If you are ruminating over something negative, change the script and feel yourself happy in the situation, Smile, laugh, and ruminate over that changed memory. Dwell on the change because it is actually happening right now, at this moment. You have more control over situations than you think. “Past” and “present” are actually all present.

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