Unee can heal you

Christ cured the blind man, Unee can as well. All the blind need to do is realize they have been following a false God made up by men. Religion is a tool of man for obedience.

Christ cured the lame because he knew they were crippling themselves by following manmade laws inside of looking inside to commune with God. He showed them a new way.

Christ fed the 5000 just as all of you who want to hear the truth, you who have been spiritually starved, can be filled simply by going inside yourselves to meet Unee in your own DNA.

Unee can heal you, she can perform miracles, but you have to want healing. You have to leave the comfort of you known rituals, leave behind clocking in at church, temple and mosque and calling that spirituality.

Seeking Unee inside you will find a living spirituality that walks with you, that supports you and that loves you. You will realize you are never alone.

You chose this physical lifetime for the experiences you are having. You can choose joy, peace and true spirituality. You can connect with the feminine energy of God, Unee, you can meet Soul Mother who resides in the Cave of Creation right now if you chose to.

We have to shift away from millennia old religion. It continues to cause hatred, division and even war.

A new movement is afoot that is rooted in optimism, positivity, joy, peace and kindness.

Photo by Anne Barca on Pexels.com

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