Important message of the Divine Medium

The Divine Medium is God, but not in a way that we have possibly considered God before. Humans have personalized God and gave it human attributes such as anger, vengeance, jealousy or even love, but incomplete human love. The love we have attributed to God is conditional. We must obey, we must follow God’s commandments, we must accept our lot as sinners not worthy of God or face God’s wrath and eternal damnation.

What has been hidden from us for so very long is the actual essence of God. God as “Divine Medium”. We haven’t been told about Divine Medium because no one beyond philosophers could understand it and secondly, because humanity faced persecution for not following the state religion. Fear of persecution became a part of our DNA as a survival instinct similar to the need for food, water and shelter. We have spent centuries under the yoke of fear unable to think for ourselves and reason for ourselves about something as important as our spiritual beingness.

In actually God is a Divine Medium that seeks to express itself through us to individuate itself. We create that individuation by imprinting our thoughts on the Divine Medium. The Divine Medium creates what we have imprinted without objection, opinion or input. We are the individuation of the Divine manifest or created in the physical world. We have to be consciously aware of the impact our thoughts have on creating our reality and the reality of the collective. Do you remember silly putty? We could take comics from the newspaper and press them on silly putty to make copies. This is what our thoughts do, they imprint on the Divine Medium and it creates what we have imprinted through our thoughts with mathematical certainty. The Divine Medium does not judge alter, change or have an opinion, it creates what we have pressed into it.

Unee is the perfect archetype for the Divine Medium. She is the feminine face of God that births our thoughts into creation. The Divine Medium does not instantaneously produce or thoughts like a copy machine, the thoughts work on the Divine Medium to eventually come to fruition and manifest. Our thoughts are also coupled with collective thought to create universal reality.

We need to be conscious of our thoughts and dwell on what is good, true and pure so the reality we create is based in positivity and goodness. The World is at a crucial crossroads where we all have brought it. Now is the time to be so disciplined about our thoughts so that the World moving forward moves to the light and not the darkness.

Spread the word that we are not sinners, we are the Divine image individuated by our thoughts and our ancestors’ thoughts. We are always connected to this Divine Medium, we would not exist without it, we are like vines planted in the Earth and our thoughts are the seeds that produce our reality. Do you plant a vegetable and keep digging it up to see how it is growing? No, you wait for it to grow. Plant you thought seeds wisely and watch them grow.

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