As above so below, the replication of planting seeds in the Earth and the Divine Medium

Divine Medium is a power for good and the foundation of Unee. It is a type of elastomeric medium that responds to our thoughts that are planted or imprinted on it. Seeds planted in the Earth produce life in the physical realm, seeds planted in the Divine Medium produce perhaps quantum changes in consciousness that eventually manifest in the physical world.

As above so below, the theory connects the biology of the Earth to the biology of Spirit. What happens on the physical plane is the physical reenactment of what happens on the spiritual plane. We are seemingly more connected to the physical plane after centuries of programming to remove our spirituality from inside of us to outside of us and under the control of another. We need to change this dynamic and consciously reconnect to authentic spirituality that is inside not outside of ourselves.

We exist for the purpose of God’s self-expression, we are an individuation of God manifested through our own thought. Unee talks to us in the beauty of what she produces through and with us. Divine Medium is spiritual power we don’t have to search for, it responds in the way you use it. Ignorance therefore becomes the only “sin” and knowledge the only salvation, knowledge of individuation with Divine Medium working through you.

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