The tragedy of not feeling loved

The 50+ year old sister of a friend of mine took her own life last week. She had been struggling with health and mental health issues for years. She finally said why should I want to be here anymore when no one loves me. She had a devoted mother and 2 sisters who did love her. So how does one get to the point they can’t see it and to the point they end their own lives?

Certainly mental illness played a part and no one seemed to be able to help her. But it drives home the point of how important it is to really understand God, Unee, the source, the creator. We are never alone. God is everywhere around us in everything and in every cell of our being, loving us at all times because God is love.

I wish she had known that in her heart and practiced it. Practiced recognizing God in everything and God inside her as well. Internalizing the truth of Divine Love so it became her sanctuary when she couldn’t cope. I wish she could have felt Soul Mother’s presence so that she knew so many loved her.

It is tragic and something too many people face. I wish she knew and everyone who doesn’t think they are loved knew and knew so hard that it was the comfort they needed in their dark days. Divine Love is real, Soul Mother is real and we are never alone. May she rest in peace in Soul Mother’s arms.

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