What is belief? What is truth?

Belief is something our own mind doesn’t doubt or deny. Seeds of trauma buried in our DNA can cause us to practice a certain religion and we may believe the tenets of that religion are accurate. There are those of us that have shaken loose from the bonds of trauma and fear to question what has been previously espoused as truth. If belief is subjective, which it is, is truth subjective? To a certain extent yes, it is.

“Doctors” of the church and other religious authority will claim they only hold the knowledge of truth and what you should believe. Maybe that is your first clue to run…belief is what your own mind doesn’t doubt or deny – your own mind. You just need the confidence to explore what you do believe. The next step in belief becomes what you put your mind into and where you soul is giving you signals that yes, this is correct and this is starting to give you peace. At that point you need to continue down that path (and it is ok to explore and change your mind!) and leave fear behind.

We can find seeds of truth in psychology actually:

Jesus supposedly said, “If you are my friend, you will follow my commandments.” Hmmm sounds a little controlling, a little manipulative, if you had a girlfriend or boyfriend say something like that to you it would cause your to see red flags and you would likely back away.

If you don’t follow the church’s teachings God will banish you to eternal damnation. Using fear again to control and manipulate.

If you leave our community you will have no one to support you, again fear and manipulation.

God sent his only son to die for you because you are so bad. Guilt anyone?

You are a horrible sinner stained from birth and are not worthy, let’s be honest, how psychologically damaging is that?

Or my favorite recited at every Catholic Church in the world every Sunday, “Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault” – while pounding your breast. If that is not the most psychologically damaging statement to be pounded in your chest every week, I don’t know what is.

So we go back to belief, what does your mind not doubt or deny? My mind doesn’t deny that I was made in the image of God which is Love. I believe Unee loves me because Unee is love and can do nothing else. I believe my purpose is to assume noble intent and give as many people as I can the benefit of the doubt. I work to discipline my thoughts and think more positively. I try not to consume movies, TV, or reading material that feeds me fear and negativity. I meditate to maintain my connection with Unee because I know her true kingdom is inside of me and not outside of me. I know I reincarnate because I like the experiences I have in the physical world and maybe I will get to the point I can easily walk between both worlds and help people do the same. I think I am getting close to that, but I am still working on it.

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