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The Temple of Why. I thought it was a Druid temple, but what does it mean to be a Druid? Why look back and try to re-create that which is gone? Why keep looking back to define spirituality for today? Everything has changed, life, living, expression of faith, society. Why do we think looking back to solve what we need now works? Dead Gods and Goddesses carrying so much baggage and weight with so much attachment.

We have to free ourselves of the connotations around spirituality.

The Temple of Why was started because I began to question everything I thought I knew. Everything I accepted because someone told me and I believed them, everything I thought I should believe because it was a long established belief. The Temple of Why, a sacred space dedicated to Unee. Unee is the emerging feminine energy of the universe. She is accessible to those who seek her, but in a new way. She won’t “bless” you because she treats everyone the same, she won’t “grant” your prayer requests, because we are her co-creators. We have to take responsibility for the our actions and the impact we have had on others.

What Unee is is the hidden flow that we can resist or merge ourselves with, that is where truth is, that is where hope is and that is where peace resides. Beggars prayers won’t work here because they never did, looking or claiming to be blessed by God doesn’t work here because it. never. did. If you still believe that you have to ask your self why, why does a just God grant some prayers and not others, blesses some and not others, provides for some and not others? We have to recognize we are co-creators, we unite with Unee and propel ourselves in alignment with her, the ebb and flow of the universe.

How? You already know, by being in touch with yourself, what is true is the kingdom of God, of Unee, IS within. We all know when our gut tells some something is right or wrong, we have forgotten to listen and, worst of all, to trust ourselves. We need to relearn to be in touch, in alignment with ourselves, each other and the Earth.

I am conscious of my being in the flow of Unee in my life and grateful for being in alignment.

May you be conscious of the flow of Unee in your life.

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