Wounds we all carry

We all are wounded, we carry wounds from past lives, we are wounded in this life and create wounds in others. What happens with wounds? They heal just like any injury, unless we keep picking at them, opening them up again. Why would we do that? If we have a cut, a deep one even or a broken bone, we don’t keep poking at them making them worse, we let them heal.

Why don’t we do that for our emotional wounds? Why do we like to revisit them, rethink painful moments, hash them over getting ourselves all upset again. We should let our body and Unee heal us, sew ourselves back together and move on knowing we can heal.

Unee balances everything out in the Universe, we don’t have to worry about getting even or getting our revenge that just creates more karma for us. Let your mind heal, your heart heal as you do your body. Unee will balance the rest.

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