To praise or not to praise that is the question

Not to praise.

Unee is not impacted by praise or lack of praise. She exists, she flows, she treats all equally, no one is blessed, no one’s prayers are answered, no one’s prayers are unanswered. We need to meditate, release our expectations, and acknowledge that the flow of Unee is available to us. We need to tune with her much like we tune a musical instrument. Calm, peace, harmony all are indications we are in alignment, disruption anger, fear, depression means we are out of alignment.

We can walk in nature, quietly, we can be conscious of what we consume for food, but also for entertainment. Flooding our minds with violent images or disquieting discussion such as the news media just pushes us out of alignment with ourselves and with Unee. Why would we want to do that? Excess stimulation just causes unease and ultimately disease.

There are people that are struggling to survive in the world, people with terrible diseases, people in poverty. It is complicated to address, are they paying a karma debt and have they chosen to experience this in this lifetime? Or is it our karma debt to ease their distress? Both depending on our circumstances and theirs. To start, perhaps we can see a better world, see unity and ease and the collective will change. Perhaps we can do what we can when we are called to do so, then we know we are in alignment with Unee.

You don’t have to ever worry if Unee is listening, she is always, present. She always looks for harmony and peace in the world and using that as our home base will change us and change the world.

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