Do you feel relevant?

Now matter how much we accomplish we somehow still feel the same – irrelevant, like we don’t matter, like whatever we do doesn’t matter, doesn’t count.

So maybe what we do doesn’t matter, action doesn’t matter and maybe “being” matters more. Maybe being is a verb and the action of being is all there needs to be.

Can we be good at being? How do we just be and feel good about it? Feel right about it? Karma is the unease and the burden weighing us down. As the thread that continues life to life, we bring our hauntedness with us, a shadow that hides when we turn around, but still gives us chills.

Maybe we turn around and face the shadow, face the irrelevance and say, “who cares?” maybe our humanness is all that matters, the doubts, failings, uncertainty and occasional moments of certainty.

Our place in the Universe. Unee what are we? We are the Universe, the Universe is us because without us the Universe is incomplete. That’s being.

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