Living nature based spirituality

Many, many years of research has really helped me come to the conclusion that spirituality has to be forward facing and not based on the past. Spirit is alive in the present and trying to reconstruct what our ancestors did not only provides a complicated version of the telephone game, but is also plagued by lack of authenticity.

Spirit is in all of nature acting, reacting, interacting. It is a vital force that is with us right now and as present as we are. Trees teach us, seeds teach us, the sun, the moon, rocks, water, air, fire all contain key elements that when combined with our consciousness make us whole as a total being.

Unee is the archetype for us now for today. She births souls of all sentient beings, stars, ideas and balances everything so it works in harmony. Balancing the needs of all, not some chosen few, all. Feminine energy to counter the masculine energy that has dominated spirituality for millennia.

Embrace her as the mother of the Universe. Uni – one – verse or song. Unee the one.

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