Divine Unee: Curing the World of Religion

Love is the only attribute of spirituality we should focus on. NATURE WAS MADE IN LOVE, the trees, grasses, animals all made in love. We were made in love with the ability to discern, an evolutionary gift given to us when we evolved in the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is the Earth and we learned to discern in the Garden.

Love, Divine Love, pours out to us from everything in Nature and also from inside of us. The Kingdom of God is INSIDE us too. Every cell is alive because the spark of life is love within it. We just have to recognize the love that is all around. Every time you think of the Divine Unee she is thinking of you and loving you. We constantly look for love and don’t realize that looking is love and the Divine loving us.

There is no judgement, nothing to be saved from, just Divine Love from Unee loving us. judgement and damnation are old energies that have to be turned away from and left behind. We are not sinners, we are loved by the Divine and nothing will change that. We live, we make mistakes, we grow, we continue all while being loved and supported, if we recognize it!

Think love, know you are loved, know you are not alone and see how living in that love changes everything.

Photo by Jou00e3o Jesus on Pexels.com

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