What I have learned from the Divine Unee

I have learned that the Universe has an aware consciousness called Unee. I did not invent her, she came to me and I didn’t even realize it. Interactions with this Divine Consciousness is possible and can result in life changing outcomes. The interaction is often so quiet in our so busy and noisy lives we don’t notice. We are so overwhelmed with technology, creating our own stress, even when we think we are being “spiritual” we are missing the clues from spirit.

How could I think what Unee has shared with me came from me? She has shared the perfection of nature, that true spirituality comes from the oneness of nature and that nature is everywhere. She taught me that humankind does not dictate spirituality and all religions are just contrived to benefit various group agendas.

She taught me neutrality is the best goal, love is so broken in our world that focusing on love will literally just lead you astray. Conscious neutrality will bring peace and less stress. None of us are special, we aren’t blessed, we are all part of the bigger whole and that is the way it should be. We are unique, but our uniqueness should unify us not divide us. If we allow everyone to excel in their uniqueness then we all benefit.

We can request assistance, healing, help resolving issues and when we make a request we are putting thoughts into action. Our thoughts go into the greater consciousness that can change the future. I have had personal experience and positive outcomes from requesting assistance from Unee. Healing, changes in circumstances, things that have made a difference for me. There is help out there, but it all has to balance in the Universe. Unee does the balancing.

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