Divine Experience of Love

My transitional experience with the Divine happened about 28 years ago. I was in a Doctor’s office having a procedure because I had miscarried. Coming around I was met in a vision by 2 light beings, they were cylindrical in shape and did not look anything like a person. They shimmered like sparkles and appeared rather than moved around. They communicated such intense love that I did not want to come back to the physical world. I believe the soul of my unborn child transitioned to them, because I saw a third light being join them. She was much smaller, but did not hesitate to go with them. They communicated this intense love and when I expressed sadness at my baby girl not being born, they assured me everything was completely fine and she and I would meet again. I am sure they were angelic beings.

From that moment on, I knew I had experienced Divine love. It was a complete and whole love that wanted nothing in return. I believe this type of love is the love Christ emitted and why he attracted such loyal followers. I believe we all experience an aspect of this Divine love when we are in love, when we love our children and families, even our pets. Even as intense as our feelings of love are, they pale in comparison to the intensity of the love I experienced from the angelic beings I encountered. I also believe this was “The Way” Christ was communicating to us. He was showing us an intensity that I believe we can achieve in this lifetime or at least begin to experience. It begins by loving ourselves and knowing the Divine is so in love with us. It is not a sappy love, nor it is a longing type of love like you might experience when you are falling in love with someone. It is deep and intense and nearly overwhelming. It is something you don’t want to let go of or leave its presence. You just want to stay and experience this love because you feel truly loved for the very first time.

How do we experience this love for ourselves? I don’t think we can, it comes to us. But I think we can be open to experiencing it and knowing it is available. I strongly believe we have to let go of certain beliefs that at this point are so ingrained in our DNA that moving past them is difficult. One of these beliefs is that God sacrificed Christ for our sin. It was made completely clear to me that this is absolutely not the case. God made us in his image of love and God is love in a conscious way. He is very aware of the love he emanates and of our ability to receive his love. That is the key, we have to prepare ourselves to receive his love and we do this by acknowledging the God inside of each us. He is not outside us in a Church or other “holy” place, he is inside of each of us and is available to us. We can tap into his presence by first acknowledging it and then communicating with it regularly. The transmission of his love is so intense we can not experience in one sitting, we would short circuit and be completely overwhelmed. We have to start communing with God – the real way we “receive communion” and start to re-establish a meaningful connection with him. Will he “punish us” if we don’t? No, he is just waiting for us with open arms and will say “welcome home”. He will begin transmitting his love to us in doses we can handle. It is time for all of the lies we were told about being sinners and fallen humans to end. There are those still mired in the old energy, but there are those of us who are ready to move forward.

That’s enough for now.

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