All of the children

Can you image if all of the children were told that they are magnificent beings? That they will make mistakes, but that is all a part of learning and growing and the Divine is so in love with them, that they can feel that presence if they are very quiet and still and listen for it? If the children were secure in their self -worth they wouldn’t be anxious or fearful. If children new how incredible they actually were, they would grow up as secure, confident adults who would then be able to care for the next generation of loved and confident children and the cycle would change, the world would change. That is what Christ was showing us, the light of Christ was shining so brightly.

The Divine loves us, we are not fallen beings, we are Divine beings made in the image of love, speak to the Divine within you and that is what you will be told. The love and light that is within you is boundless, tapping into that love will make it grow and fill you with light.

The Dawn is breaking, we no longer have to fear persecution, we can tell the truth. The Divine is within, the Divine only loves and you are an amazing being.

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