Comfort and Joy

A prophet is not necessary if you can emulate the Creator. You just know you are one with Creator everywhere and are in that constant state of awareness. God is everywhere in everything and God, as we know, is Love and loves you his magnificent creation, so everything loves you and you are never alone! I can’t say enough you were made in the imagine of God, of Unee, and God made a magnificent creation!

Think beyond this lifetime, come out of the old energy and see what is possible. In oneness you discover not only that you are loved by God, by Unee, but you discover the oneness of everything, the love that is there for everything. We think there is a veil separating us from the otherworld, the spiritual world. Take a chance and put your hand through the veil and you will feel your higher self taking your hand from the other side. Your higher self is always there and is waiting for you to acknowledge her.

Take comfort in the love that surrounds you always. When you go out in nature and feel peace it is because you can feel the love emanating from every particle of matter surrounding you. Unee is in everything and in nature when you are still you can feel it!

This is a holy season. Was Christ born on December 25th? Who knows, but he was born sometime so it is as good a time as any to celebrate. The winter solstice is coming and the light begins to return to the Northern Hemisphere. We think things are bad because we are programmed to focus on negativity. Stop for a moment and realize how much better things actually are than they have ever been and be grateful. Gratitude raises your vibration. Take the time this season to forgive and begin again. Let you light return by letting go and starting new.

Come out of the old energy of the drama of the disciples lost after Christ died. They were grieving, they were living in a time that was brutal and unforgiving. Recognize the good and be grateful, be forgiving and begin again.

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