Be joyous!

We were not created in sin, we were created perfect. Do we do things we shouldn’t now? Of course. Christ didn’t come to save us from ours “sins” by dying, he came to show us how to live in true love and to tell us the kingdom of heaven is within us not outside of us! So if Christ said the kingdom of heaven was within us then how could be we sinful soiled people?

What does having the kingdom of heaven inside us mean. It means to stop looking outside for completion, joy and satisfaction. It means every cell in your body contains Divine Love. It means God, Unee, is with us at all times. It means God, Unee, is in everything around us and since God, Unee, is love, love surrounds us.

We should treat our bodies as if they are temples of something very special because they are, they contain the living God. We should treat our surroundings and each other as very special because they contain the living God and are imbued with Divine Love. See everything including yourself as sacred and worthy, the more you do this the more your life will improve. So many people have low self-esteem! If they only realized they are filled with Divine Love! We are all different, some are very smart, some not so smart, some thin, some not so thin, some doctors and lawyers, some teachers, some plumbers, but we all have the kingdom of heaven within. We all have Divine Love in every cell of our bodies and we are all here to do whatever jobs we are good at because those were the skills we came to this life with.

So do your work joyfully! Live your life joyfully! You will hardly be able to wait to come back to this physical world again, things will get easier if we embrace this life and start learning lessons of Divine Love! We suffer because of our mindsets, think beyond this lifetime. Come out of the old sinner energy and be in a constant state of awareness of Divine Love in you and in others! Divine Love is all around.

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