The difference between Christianity and the teachings of Christ

The saddest aspect of Christianity is that Christ had to disappear for Christianity to be born and there is a vast difference between the precepts and practices of Christ and that of institutional Christianity.

Thanks to Paul and a bit of Ireneus, Christianity became an allegorical metamorphosis of Judaism based on Jesus as a sacrifice. With Jesus as a bloody sacrifice, the real mission of Jesus was forgotten. His true mission was to lead his disciples to realize the kingdom of heaven was not outside of themselves, but inside. Jesus entire life was dedicated to love and healing and his lofty ideals were dragged down into a physical practice at a sacrificial altar. Paul, after all, was an educated Jew, schooled in Hebrew law and neo-Platonism of the Alexandria School.

Immediately upon his death his pure, spiritual teachings were corrupted and turned into the dogmatic religion of Christianity. Even his very name was seized by his closest disciples to be used for self-aggrandizement. The real mission of Jesus turned into a bloody tragedy. Paul took the ancient idea of a bloody sacrifice and united it with stories about Jesus to combine into a new religion that might be acceptable to both Jews and Gentiles. The other apostles were basically floundering after Jesus’ death, bitterly disappointed at the death of their teacher and they never recovered. Most scholars assert that the four Gospels were written “according to” Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but were most likely written by Alexandrian monks.

When Jesus came Paganism had run its course and Judaism had become more societal law than spirituality. Jesus brought the world old truths spoken so clearly and beautifully that they touched the hearts of the people. He spoke of the vital importance of love as the soul of spirituality and the immanence of the kingdom of heaven, the nearness of the kingdom of heaven. His message was so lofty and so divine that even his closest disciples, save Mary Magdalene, couldn’t fully grasp his meaning. And of course, Christianity turned Mary Magdalene, the apostle to the apostles, into a whore. Once stolen and then institutionalized by Rome, Jesus’ teachings were nothing more than dust left at the feet of the once living Master.

Jesus’ message was simple yet so difficult, love God, love each other and purify your mind. God is love, so love Love first, love each other and the teacher will come to you. You will then meet God, Unee, inside your heart and be able to actually converse with her freely. The first and most important thing you have to do is believe, secondly love Love first.

Had Jesus’ teachings not been obscured and covered over by dogma and superstition, his way could have changed the world.

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