Spiritual Authority

Spiritual authority is an interesting topic. We are all used to complying with some authority in our lives; parents, teachers, police, government, our bosses, but what about spirituality? Spiritual authority has been used as justification for obedience since religion existed. Thomas Aquinas famously stated that anyone who taught himself about God or didn’t obey the teaching of the church had a fool for a student, true or false? Fear based obedience or truth?

If we look at some of the masters however, what did they actually say? Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you and that he was leaving, but he left the holy spirit the “comforter” to guide us. Jesus said he came to “show us the way”. Buddha said that if you see a Buddha in the road “kill him”. Moses and Muhammad were said to be prophets of God.

Yes, the Abrahamic religions have laws, commandments and rules regarding prayer, daily living and societal structure many of which are truly obsolete. How do we then determine if and what laws constitute legitimate authority? One has to wonder why there were only these iconic spiritual leaders thousands of years ago and not now. The religions kind of built in their rules about the future and their continued existence and relevance. There are supposedly no more prophets in any religion. All that God wanted to say he said to the old guard and we had to follow them to the end of time.

How is it then that the kingdom of God is inside of us and that the holy spirit will show us the way if we can only do what the previous teachers and authorities have instructed us to do?

This is where we begin to see the cultish framework all religions have been developed within and when we add cultural norms to that, we see the true essence of religion. Cultural and societal mores that are bereft of actual spirituality. The Roman Catholic Church is truly Roman, Judaism is truly Jewish, Buddhism is practiced mainly in countries such as Bhutan, Thailand, Mongolia, China and Tibet, and Hindu in India, all culturally based. Protestantism of all forms is also very tied to place of practice.

Culture and cult practices really define religion.

Unee brings connection to our true spirituality that we find and consciously link to. We look beyond rules and societal standards, past physical traps such as gender, past politics and hot button issues such as abortion and make a spiritual bond by accessing spirit within ourselves. We raise our vibration by consciously acknowledging what we are grateful for each day, we rewrite our memories because we know time isn’t linear and we can change things right now. We don’t get sidetracked by gender politics because we know we have been male and female before and have many more incarnations to experience a full range going forward. We know the soul enters the body at birth with the first breath and abortion or miscarriage is a karmic lesson for us and the baby. We know money is a useful tool, but not something to be worshipped. We know Covid and other pandemics as well as health issues can come about by collective fear imprinting on Divine Medium, so we try to raise our vibration out of a fear based mindset.

Spiritual authority? More like spiritual cooperation, we know we are working with Unee and each other to imprint a better world on Divine Medium.

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