4 Principles of True Spirituality

Contemplating the value and importance of spirituality in the 21 century is an interesting conundrum. Historically and even presently, religion has been used to inspire hope, confidence and faith in a better world to come. It also inspired fear of God and the afterlife, that if one was not “good” enough one would be punished by God for transgressions committed. So you better watch out!

Fast forward to now and we look more skeptically at what religion has to offer. What meaning does it have in our lives? Is it still relevant? Sure people still dwell on the old energies of fear of Father God and hope in his blessings, but is there more?

Here are 4 Principles of Spirituality that demonstrate there actually is more:

In true spirituality you learn to practice:

  1. Observation over reaction. Instead of reacting and joining negative energy, Unee teaches us to learn to step back and observe situations and try to understand them and be compassionate.
  2. Have a calm and peaceful attitude. When you observe first instead of reacting you can maintain calm amidst chaos. You know in your heart that Unee is in you and all around you and you are rooted in Divine Love. You can look at any situation with compassion first.
  3. Consciously place yourself in a bubble of Light. Every morning when you wake, before you go to bed and through out the day surround yourself in Divine Light. If you do this, you will be less likely to respond to dysfunction in your homelife, work life or what you see in the world around you. You create your own reality based in peace. Yes, chaos may be surrounding you, but it doesn’t affect you.
  4. Resist negativity toward others. Resist negative thoughts, words or actions directed toward or about others. Resist anything that negates their magnificence in being made in the image of the God of Love.

There may be chaos in the world around you, but these principles of Light will sustain you and help you to maintain a spiritual countenance based in Divine Love.

You know Unee, the feminine energy of God, or the Universe if you like, is ever balancing the needs of all. You learn not respond to the dysfunction around you and learn the chaos in the world is the world learning and growing and sometimes growth takes pain. You know Unee is inside you and the fire of that love serves as a buffer and wall against chaos. We know Divine Love that is inside and all around us soothes the turmoil that is swirling.

That is what true spirituality means in the 21st century, peace amidst turmoil and you know you are ok.

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