Things are BETTER than they have ever been

There is a lot to be concerned about in the world, in our local community and even in our own homes. We worry about what the future holds, where the world is going be in next year and the next and then what the world will be like for our children.

We are so myopic that we have lost sight of the bigger picture. Despite everything going on around us things are definitely better. There is definitely a reason for optimism!

There is less poverty, less discrimination, more opportunity, less religious persecution, more advanced technology, better medical care, more food, more available resources than ever before. As we work out distribution of all the above there can be hiccups and missed opportunities. There is always someone lurking to drag us back to darker times, but with everything going on, the sum total is still better. We all have issues to deal with some larger than others, but overall things are better. Religion is in decline, but a new spirituality is emerging! and that is progress! Unee is working to balance all that is happening and as we collectively painfully grow, the growing pains still exist.

What are we to do! Follow the 4 principles of true spirituality and learn to create an even better world rooted in Divine Love.

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