The Souls Journey through the Zodiac

Astrology is an ancient science dating back as far as 30,000 years BC. Archaeologists have found cave paintings, mammoth tusks, and bones carved and painted with lunar and other astrological phases. In 6000 BC, the Sumerians noted the movements of the stars and planets. 2400 BC the Chaldeans (also known as the Babylonians) continued what the Sumerians started and inventing the first astrological house system. They created the zodiac wheel that is used today for predicting the course of an individual’s life.

If we look closely at the symbolism used in astrology we can see the progress of the soul through the houses.

Aries the Ram rules of the 1st house, the house of self. It is the soul’s entrance into the physical world. Aries energy bursts into the world with pioneering spirit and when developed, shows courage and bravery in charting the course of the soul.

Taurus to Bull ruler of the 2nd house the house of personal possessions, seeds life in the world. The Taurus energy charges forth with a mission to procreate. It is conscious of itself and what belongs to it. Here the soul has begun to grow and is aware of life around it. It does not interact outside of itself, but awareness begins.

Gemini the Twins, ruler of the 3rd house of communication advances the soul toward the ability to communicate outside of itself. It starts recognizing the world outside of itself and communication begins.

Cancer the Crab is the ruler of the 4th house of family. Cancer represents the Mother energy and family life and recognizes the feminine energy as nurturing and necessary for survival. The soul begins to participate in a family and interacts with siblings.

Leo the Lion rules the 5th house of pleasure. The soul looks outside of its spiritual world to seek pleasure and fulfillment outside of the self. Leo is brave and loyal, but also can become vain.

Virgo the Virgin ruler of the 6th house of health and routine. Here the soul realizes life must be ordered and seeks to start leaving the realm of chaos. The soul seeks realization of personal expression. Virgo is revisited with Pisces.

Libra the Scales ruler of the 7th house of partnerships brings the soul balance and one on one relationships. Here we see the soul looking to marry or link with another soul one on one.

Scorpio the Scorpion ruler of the 8th house of transformation. The soul develops intuition, but can also fall into traps of addiction and taboo behavior. The soul is fully engaged with the world around it now and is creating its social identity.

Sagittarius the Archer and ruler of the 9th house of philosophy and higher learning pushes the soul to advance intellectually. Long distance travel is favored and the soul explores the outer world.

Capricorn the seagoat is the ruler of the 10th house of work. The soul is at its most public, the pinnacle of its social standing. Capricorn is the father of the zodiac, so we see a full expression of the masculine energy.

Aquarius the water bearer is the ruler of the 11th house of hopes and dreams. The soul feels longing for independence and association with a tribe or group. Aquarius can be rebellious, and the soul has full realization of what has transpired in its life.

Pisces the Fish is the 12th house of spirituality and the unconscious. Here the soul comes to retreat and contemplate the existence of spirituality and its place outside of the physical world. The cycle of the soul is completed.

The soul travels through the gateway of each house and sign energy learning about itself and as it does, each sign falls away. On reaching Pisces, the soul has reached the Christ and here a quantum change occurs. The power of Pisces is symbolic of Christ bringing us out of the waters of unconscious into Virgo its sister, the Virgin of Light. The Virgin of Light is the Sophia, the wisdom restored. The soul carries developed and undeveloped energy from each sign as it progresses through the zodiac wheel of life. It evolves based on the mix of energies it carries through the wheel. Its return to the Cave of Creation is always marked by celebration for completion of its soul cycle. Here it greets is Soul Mother and Family and looks forward to its next incarnation in the physical world.

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