Why calling yourself a “sinner” is bad, very bad

I am a “sinner”, you are a “sinner”, we are all “sinners”. What are we cultivating with this mindset? Our thoughts result in our actions which ultimately impact those around us. If we continuously tell ourselves we are bad or we are sinners it is like pouring salt or vinegar into a garden. It won’t thrive, it will kill some flowers or plants growing there and will make the soil lose it’s nutritional value. We too lose our innate value, our self-worth, by repeatedly referring to ourselves as “sinners” .

Unee is the feminine substance by which the universe is birthed and continually changes. We are each an individual part of that substance much like a plot of a garden in a community garden. We are all responsible for tending the “plot” that is our life and our place in the universe. We impact any garden plots directly around us, usually directly impacting our neighboring family and friends individual plots, but also our plot is a part of the bigger whole of the universe.

Some people tend their garden plot meticulously and plant beautiful flowers and vegetables that feed their psyches and those around them. Some are sloppy, letting the weeds grow up and crowd out the positive events in their lives. Some just do nothing but look at their neighbors gardens while their garden dries up, fills with weeds or even starts to choke out neighboring gardens belonging to their friends and family. There are others who plant pricker bushes or tall hedges all around the edge of their garden so no one can look in or get in. This results in the family and friend circle in the community garden being impacted. We are forced to tend and even to hack back the overgrowth from someone else’s garden to keep it from destroying ours.

A good gardener doesn’t tell himself s/he is a bad gardener and that the garden soil is bad. S/he feeds her garden, prepares the soil, gives it the nutrients it needs, plants the best seeds, waters it and hoes out weeds when they grow. Eventually the garden blooms and is beautiful, but it takes work. The same holds true for us, we are the gardener’s of our own souls. We should never call ourselves sinners and failures, it just poisons our own self-worth and destroys the garden of our soul and our part in Unee. Repeatedly telling ourselves we are sinners just creates a groove in our thinking that is wrong and harmful! Unee will program we are sinners into the substance of the universe because we created the pattern, this is not good.

WE are the potters or the gardeners, UNEE is the clay. We are not sinners, our negative thoughts and actions are merely weeds growing in our gardens that need to be pulled. Tend your garden, you are worthy.

Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on Pexels.com

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