Unee vs. Christianity

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Why would you stop being a Christian to follow Unee? What is the difference between the two?

Unee is not a wrathful vengeful God of the Old Testament nor a salvation based, judgmental God of the new Testament. Unee is the presence of feminine energy in the universe. She is the living substance by which the universe is formed. She is the medium existence uses to manifest in the physical world. She, like all life manifesting in the physical world, begins as a blueprint in the spiritual world. Everything that manifests on the physical plane, first forms in the spiritual world. Individual and collective change first occurs in the spiritual realm that is why intent or prayer is so important. Unee is the mold that changes when intent is strong enough to make an imprint on the whole of existence. she is the receptor of the collective thought that presses into the mold of change. Some paths are deeply embedded in the mold because of constant and consistent use, some paths are just starting to appear much like a path being worn into the woods.

Unee offers no judgement, she is, again, creation’s medium, like clay being worked simultaneously by everyone in the universe. Our individual contribution to the clay is impacted by our rebirths into the physical world again and again. Our current life experience changes Unee slightly, but will only make a lasting impact overtime. A good example would be a professional musician, artist or athlete who seems to come into the world with a higher skill set than most people. That life has been a musician, artist or athlete in multiple past lives etching these skills into the mold of the existence which is Unee.

Chiefly, Unee is the medium, she doesn’t grant prayer “wishes” or “bless” anyone more or less than anyone else. She is the collective clay of the universe and each of us are our own individual impression in the clay. We can relax into the mold and know that the water of life will flow easiest in the ruts already made. We can change the trajectory of our lives, but we have to want it and work at it. If the change doesn’t follow the flow of our lives in the universe it will be more difficult. It will take gradual change in the stream of life to etch a path in the clay.

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