When one heals we all heal together

Healing is what our bodies do when presented with tools and options for getting better. Even pharmaceuticals are not healing our bodies, our bodies are using the pharmaceuticals to heal itself.

Healing prayer or healing intention has been the subject of scientific study for decades often proving that people who were prayed for healed better, quicker with better outcomes than those who were not prayed for. Still the consistency of outcome is still illusive. We haven’t quite figured out the formula for making prayer or intention work all the time.

We have concluded that beggars prayers seldom result in the desired outcome, but what if we turned out attention away from asking for a desired outcome from outside ourselves and work to internalize that health or recovery from illness is a possible outcome all the time. And let that be our focus. And envision health and the feeling we get from being healthy be our intention.

Our bodies are one with the Earth, we are made from the same elements the Earth is made from. It is animated with energy just as we are, what if we focus on the health of the Earth and an extension of the health of our bodies. What if we become the tool to heal ourselves, sewing health into our bodies consciously. We can envision sewing up ailments with energy, cleansing our internal organs, washing them with water and washing away disease and hanging them to dry in the air as we sleep. Envisioning how we will feel waking in a body that has been repaired as we sleep that gives us a new opportunity for health. What if before going to sleep, after consciously repairing our body with our thoughts, we think about how we are going to feel the next day when we get up and feel better? What if we think about how great that feeling will be and go to sleep with that seed planted in our minds?

Thinking, feeling and the emotions associated with being healthy become our only focus. We then become our own tools for healing when we see it as another option, another opportunity, another path we can jump to that does exist if we take it. When one heals we all heal together.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

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