What is your core?

Unee wants us to understand what the core of our being is. Is it love? Or is it fear? Do you love people because you are afraid of losing them? Do you take care of them because you are afraid they will leave you? Or do  you truly love them because you want the best for  them? Do you love to get something in return? A manipulating love? Is your core trust? Do you trust everything will turn out for the best?

Trying to understand where our core is, our starting point, helps us understand the work we need to do. It will help us understand our motivation and intention and check to make sure they are in alignment with Unee. She is always resetting the balance. We can work with her to operate from strength in the knowledge of who we are. That should be our goal,

May love prevail.

blooming blur close up daisy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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