Temple of Why

Temple of Why

I started this blog and temple as a place to question spirituality. A place to dig deep and root out why I believe what I believe and continue to explore why others believe what they believe. I decided it was a “Druid” temple because I realized I have been a practicing Druid long before I even knew what a Druid was. There is not a lot out there about Druidry and what Druids did, theirs was an oral tradition and they too were killed off by the Romans. It begs the question then how do I know I am a Druid? Why would anyone want to be a Druid?

I think it is important to be connected to spirit, to source, to the between that connects everything in this world – there is something there. I don’t think the something wants or needs to be worshiped or to have sacrifices made to it, I think it just is. It is what keeps a banana alive versus a banana peel that disintegrates, keeps a person alive or lets there body disintegrate after this life force leaves the body. It is the mystery that captivates the mystics and the subtlety that creates awe.

I call her Unee. She is the universal force. When I remember to live according to Unee, I am living in union with the universal force that underpins our world. I work with the moon to help guide the direction of my life and focus on moon phases to cadence my life. I find the more I do that, setting intentions during the new moon, moving to action and checking in on the full moon and following through until the next new moon helps me be in rhythm with the universe. I follow the wheel of the year for the same reason. I am not a farmer so I can’t plow, plant and harvest, but I can direct my life that way. I can be restful during the winter months and recharge, I can start waking to action in the spring, I can follow through on projects in the summer and I can reap the rewards of my work during the Autumn Harvest. I can feel in step this way and pace my life. I also love the opportunity to be “holiday festive” and decorate and have fun with the changing seasons.

Maybe you want to join me in the Temple of Why and find your source. I am going to launch a Temple of Why school to help people along their path, I think it is my mission and how I can help the world.

My barn. Future home of the Temple of Why Druid School.

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