Jesus, Moses, Allah and Buddha are walking in the world right now, who is happy with their legacy?

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I have spent a fair amount of my lifetime contemplating the religions of the sand, those great Abraham religions that have been the underpinning of society since they could be forced onto these same societies then I moved to the Eastern religions. Are they the source of truth or have the become programmed into our DNA over centuries of repeated use? Does anyone think, really think about what they believe? Is belief sincere or programmed and habitual? Have these religions hurt or helped society more? Do they help or hurt society more or less now?

We have to think, those of us in the Western world have the opportunity, perhaps even the obligation, to do so. Are the laws of the sand religions truly immutable or should they be questioned, would they withstand 21st century scrutiny or would they be called out once and for all with the questioners exclaiming “the emperor has no clothes”?

I am not claiming to have the answers, just the questions. Is belief in Jesus the “Jesus Cult”, belief in Moses the “Jewish Cult” and belief in Allah the “Islam Cult” even belief in Buddha the Buddha Cult” ? Can we be dispassionate outsiders looking in with no attachment to the answer?

I offer each orthodox version legalizes some sort of behavior not accepted in most societies today: discrimination against women, homosexuality and underage marriage. Is that ok under the guise of protected religion? Can we separate out one belief from the body of belief without losing the integrity of the whole of that belief? Is a version of “cafeteria” Catholics or Jews or Muslims or Buddhists ok?

Can we call each other out for our beliefs and ask “why do you believe?” At the same time can we ask what benefit does belief brings to society (and I think there is a benefit), but how to we separate the good from the well, not so good.

Jesus, Moses, Allah and Buddha are walking in the world today, who is happy with their legacy?

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