Spirituality as potential of being

Humanity walks around in darkness while in fear of the darkness. Darkness, however, can’t invade the light, only light can invade the darkness. Every thought and every feeling directed to the God inside, Divine Love, connects us to the vibration of Divine Love and our awareness grows. This Divine Love is light. The oneness of Divine Love that is in each of us, in every cell that is living inside of us, is our God inside. This oneness in every cell allows God to feel and hear every thought of every particle of living matter at the same time. As God is one in each living cell in all creation, we are one with the Divine Love.

Spirituality is the potential of being aware of the Divine Love of God inside. We are aware and remember when we are in the Cave of Creation, we forget when we descend into the physical world again. We want to descend, it is not punishment, we like the physical world. We may get beaten up by the physical world, but maybe it is like a video game. In video games we can get blown up, die and come back again. There is a comparison to be drawn, if you do something wrong in your video game, no divine authority comes down and punishes you for making a mistake. You are given a new life and you start from where you ended last. Only in life, you have infinite lives and your return home to Soul Mother in the Cave of Creation and she greats you with open arms and there you remember. And when you are ready you decide what role you will play in the next lifetime and with whom you will play and you start again. We are striving to live better lives in the physical world where we aren’t suffering, afraid and in pain because that is just better and more enjoyable to us.

Some master the game and come back only to help, they move freely in both the spiritual and physical worlds – think of Christ reappearing. We are all striving to be masters, because then we are not in darkness and we walk in both worlds. We become conscious of our oneness with Divine Love and that is what we desire, that is the ultimate physical and spiritual experience.

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

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