Saving Yeshua from Christianity – The 7 Holy Women Apostles

The Holy Women of Christ, the 7 Women Apostles.

You can see it if you want to, Yeshua’s ACTIONS spoke much louder than the words that were recorded and attributed to him. We should remember the canonical Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are attributed to them, not written by them. We should remember that Paul never met Yeshua and was rejected by the 12 male Apostles.  We should remember that Peter was jealous of Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Yeshua and often questioned him on why he spoke to women.

He loved women, he talked to them, he educated them, he chose them. His behavior and his actions clearly indicate his preferences and what he was trying to convey. The Holy Women left their husbands and families to travel with him and support his ministry. They were women of means and provided the resources he needed. He shared his teachings with them, he healed the woman with a hemorrhage, he spoke to the woman at the well and told her he brought living water and she would never be thirsty if she followed him. He forgave the woman accused of adultery. He associated with Mary Magdalene even though she was accused of being possessed by demons. Why was she accused? Because she did not want to marry, she did not want to be in servitude to a husband. She had means and was a successful business woman. They accused her of being possessed, Yeshua knew she wasn’t.

The Holy Women Apostles, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Clopas,  Mary, Martha, Joanna, Salome and Susanna were his chosen Apostles.

They were with him at the Last Supper

They stayed with him to the Cross

They witnessed his resurrection

They stayed with him through Pentecost

They received the Holy Spirit

They were written out of the Bible.

They are back. You can see it if you want to, it is undeniable.






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