Holy Waters

He took them down to the water where he was baptized, he wanted to share his teaching on baptism.  He said flowing water was like a living being, it changes, it ebbs and recedes with the changing moons and can become peaceful or angry calming or stirring up everything in its path. It can also be placid and forgiving, calming and restoring all who come into contact with it. He told the Holy Women that their bodies were most composed of mostly water so they can easily be affected by the moon, by changes in weather and even by their thoughts.

He told them water has memory and thoughts spoken over it become a part of it which was very important. Holy Water is made sacred by the words spoken to it and said over it. He brought the women into the water and had them bless the water, speaking words of love and kindness over the water and expressing gratitude for the water. He then had them baptize each other telling them that the Holy Water would remove spiritual darkness that clinged to them. He said any time one was in the presence of an angry or unkind person they should bless the water and wash themselves and ask the water to remove any remaining negative energy they might have picked up.

He said to bless the water and express their gratitude before using or drinking the water. First make it holy and then the water inside their bodies would be healthy and bring them health. He said focusing loving kindness over the water was also a way to focus  their thoughts on love, this he said would change the world.

body of water between green leaf trees
Photo by Ian Turnell on Pexels.com



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