Life is not suffering

Life is not suffering, something we have to endure until we die and then if we have achieved the correct level of enlightenment, we won’t need to return. The theory is we return again and again to learn more lessons so we can try to achieve enlightenment so ultimately we don’t have to return. That is the definition of circular reasoning. You are set up to believe, depending on your religious discipline, that you are supposed to suffer in the physical world and you aim to achieve a state where you no longer need to return. Or, you have been told that you were bad from birth, corrupted by some ancient relative never to be whole again, until of course you once again perform correctly and make it into heaven. Some will say you “earn” your way into Heaven, some say by “God’s grace” alone. Still, both contend, you will suffer and you are not good enough.

A hierarchy exists in all religions, where some have achieved a higher state than others and are thought of as some how holier. These exalted people we look to guide us or forgive our sins we are constantly told we commit or that we are somehow too attached to this world and therefore we suffer. Again, it is all our fault and there is always someone to tell us how to do things correctly.

Unee is revealing a different dynamic. She is telling us the truth about our own divinity. We were born in the image of God, of Divine Love, that was the blueprint from which we were made. When we sleep or meditate, we can look to re-establish and reorient ourselves back to our perfect blueprint and be whole again in this lifetime. We were not born to suffer, we were not born damaged and corrupted, we were not born better or less than anyone else. We were all created from the same Divine blueprint. We come here willingly because we like the physical world, we like the experiences we have here. We come wanting to have different experiences that we outline before we get here and then free will – free choice – allows us to shape what we become.

Rethink everything you were taught and start with the image you were made in the Divine image of Love. Retrain your mind to focus on the positive, on optimism, on joy. That is the true essence of what it is to be a fully awakened, conscious person.

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