Certainty of Knowing – imagination and visions

In meditation the question always comes up about the difference between visions and imagination. How do you know the difference between spiritual visions and imagination? What role does imagination have in spirituality? Are visions real and do modern era people actually have visions?

Imagination has a role to play in spirituality, it enables access to creative thought which then can open doorways to authentic spiritual experiences. Guided meditation is a good example of using imagination to lead away from focus on the physical realm to allow the possibility of a more spiritual experience to occur. We must also acknowledge that there is a line between someone with legitimate mental health issues who “hears voices” etc. and eliminate these people from this discussion. We will consider only people who are of sound mental health for context and discussion.

Dr. Amit Goswami of the Center for Quantum Activism, tells us that in Quantum Physics, “objects are possibilities residing in a domain of potentiality outside of space and time….no signals are required for communication…communication is instantaneous.” That is the basis for determining the difference between imagination and a spiritually based authentic experience. One knows when one is directing imaginative thought, we may play out different “what if” scenarios, or imagine what it would have been like in a certain experience, perhaps even in a certain place. One may be using their imagination, when out of wholly a different place in one’s mind, a thought is generated or pops into one’s head that is completely unrelated to what was being thought about at the time and likely ever thought of before. These visions can manifest on the physical plane, or remain as unique thoughts that may provide insight or additional guidance. A second criteria for spiritual visions would be remembrance, one tends to vividly remember a visionary experience with all details in place even years later.

Is having visions necessary or required to achieve some level of spirituality? No, it is just an experience some people have in their spiritual practice. Spirituality is really about acknowledging the existence of another realm and taking the next to step in realizing that realm that has more permanence. It is truly the physical world that is temporary and everchanging. By participating in legitimate spiritual practices, the spiritual realm can become more apparent and significant in the physical realm. Some of these practices are; 1. Retraining the brain to think positively or think positive thoughts to raise one’s vibration, 2. Recalibrating one’s DNA to replace thoughts of being “damaged sinners” to those of being magnificent creations made in the image of Divine Love and 3. Realizing you were made from a divine blueprint that can be accessed and reconnected to to achieve better physical health.

When one has moved past the searching phase of spirituality and begins to settle in on actual truth a certainty of knowing activates. This certainty of knowing also comes from the “domain of potentiality” that makes a quantum leap into existence. There is authentic truth in spirituality, unfortunately ancient religions have obscured it from our vision.

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