Integrity in Desperation

There is integrity in desperation. It is a time when you know exactly what you need and are desperate to find a way to get it. We often times are unsure of what we really want, what we want to do or what our purpose is in this lifetime. Put us in a desperate situation and that all changes. People who have experienced near death experiences come back with a new sense of self, purpose and understanding in what they want to do in this life.

How do we get there short of being desperate because none of us really wants to be in that situation. How do we live with a burning purpose without a critical situation facing us? Connection to Source. We can actually recharge similar to a car battery hooked up to a charging station if we consciously make an effort to make that connection. We can achieve downloads of energy from Source that will help us to see clearly and be energized by it. We have become so dependent on technology we have come to the point many of us deny spirit even exists. Spirit is right in front of us all the time, without spirit that electrical charge that creates and maintains life, we die. Have you ever experienced a love one’s death even a dog or a cat? When they pass, the life passes from them and they palpably become matter with no life. That is spirit plain and simply.

We come into this world with a purpose. We can determine what our purpose is based on our rising sign in astrology, and we have to marry our life work to that. Once we get on that track and stay there, synchronicity happens, and our lives begin to flow. We start feeling alive again and have a purpose to work towards and find we are living in integrity. We begin to see the light.

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