What is “anti” spirituality? It is spirituality that has lived like a parasite on your soul, on your spirit. It is generations of indoctrination based on fear of punishment or death that has been passed down from generation to generation and is now baked in your DNA.

You can break free, but it isn’t easy. First comes fear, then losing the comfort of familiarity and habit. You then may experience doubt and the “what if’s” – what if hell is real? What if I will be damned for all eternity?

Old, old, very old energy. It is like stale, sick air that has not been circulated in years, you feel the heaviness and dirt just hanging there.

If you are here and you have read this far, you are seeking authenticity, you know the old spirituality is from a by gone era.

Divine Love is what you were created from and is in you and all around you. You have the power to see it and feel it, when you let go of what you “know”, what you have been taught and open your self to experience something new.

Unee has no doctrines, no rules and no commandments. She is only sending out love, emanating love and wanting you to realize she is part of you. You are not separated, you are part of the whole, the whole that is love.

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