Yeshua the Path Finder

Knowing he would be leaving the Women pressed Yeshua to explain everything again, they knew with a deep knowing that what he was saying was correct, but how would they remember? Time would corrupt their memories and yet writing things down did not seem adequate to capture the essence of what he was saying.

How could they describe what he wanted everyone to understand? Mary Magdalene spoke up first, Yeshua is the Path Finder for us. Humanity  is a company of people in a maze of choices with opportunities, pitfalls and unseen forces at work. Navigating the maze can seem at times as if one were lost at sea, sometimes the waters are calm and at other times they rage in the dark. Yeshua shines a light for humanity to find her path. The path is not one of laws that reward only the obedient – far from it!

Yeshua told us to solve the riddle of living is an assent to the truthfulness of one’s own soul. There our own authenticity rings truth that we know in the deep secrets of our soul to be THE truth. It is there we can navigate the maze of the world by connecting with our inner truth not through coercion or by following the laws created by another, but by connecting with our inner truth that resides in the heart. Some are so far from themselves and their inner truth that they are blind – spiritually blind – but the path is still there and still can be found.


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