Why Unee is important

Humanity is shifting away from traditional religion, pews are empty and spirituality is evolving to a new level. Unee brings in the matriarchal energy that is missing in all other religious institutions. With this matriarchal approach there is a movement away from “lordship” oversight and from doctrine and dogma. People are realizing that spirituality is individual and experiential and the rules that have dominated worship in the past are outdated and no longer relevant. Worship is no longer centered around placating an idealized “godhead” and more toward communing with the spirit within while cooperating with the collective spirit in the universe balanced by Unee.

Unee is vital to the world now, she is the unifying spirit that allows everyone to get past the walls that religion erected. No more war for the sake of religion, no forced conversion or rigid obligation. Openness, love and acceptance will be the foundation of the united souls for Unee.

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