Weary World Looks for Answers

Our weary world is rife with need, chaos reigns as people unleash the demons held back through centuries of oppression and pain. The pain is exploding from every pore, every bodily crevice and synapse worn from unseen strikes from unseen sources. Where do we go from here? Who do we look to for relief? We can not despair, life is suffering and joy, pleasure and pain.

I look to the moon at night and think of Nut (Noot) the Egyptian Goddess swallowing the sun at night only to give birth to it the following day. I think of Brigid keening in agony at the death of her son, her heartbreak so raw that she united warring tribes. Is that what we need? to follow the ebb and flow and then in some time retch and writhe in our suffering, birthing our centuries old pain carried lifetime to lifetime ancestor to ancestor?

There is no God to “bless” some and not others, there are lessons to learn from those who have heroically come before, including ourselves. The evolution of the collective soul being birthed in the messy continuum of time and space we now occupy.

The trees provide answers standing as models of energy flowing, shelter for some entities, pouring out energy as a natural cyclical occurrence. I sit with the trees basking in their glow, absorbing their essence and sharing mine. I feel calmer, until the next contraction.

Photo by Juanjo Menta on Pexels.com

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