Unee’s protection from stress

Unee has come forward in our lifetime to be a relevant sage intervening to protect us from one of the biggest dangers facing humanity today – stress. She has come to walk with  us and guard us by interfering and deflecting negative energy that bombards us in the world today. Negative energy is the collective result of technology and social media creating a portal to amplify and gain momentum in the world.

How to gain Unee’s protection from stress and negative energy:

Meditate and call Unee to your side

Envision Unee holding space around you and deflecting any negativity coming in your environment. Envision her as an invisible force field that can not be penetrated by negative energy. Envision the outside of  the force to be like a mirror that reflects the negativity back to the sender. Surround yourself in blue light that heals and penetrates  your being protecting it from any other negative encounters.

Blue salt is also a potent protection from negative energy. It can be placed in a small dish under one’s bed, in a dish near the entrance of your home and sprinkled around an individual or home to form a protective ring. Negative energy is repelled by the blue cast and salt. You can make blue salt by grinding blue dried flowers and adding it to sea salt or even by adding blue food coloring.

May love prevail.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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