Unee in the Stars

Unee has appeared because astrologically it is her time.

From Astrology Kin regarding the power Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019:

Dwarf Planet Eris
The dwarf planet Eris was discovered in January 2005 and named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord. Eris takes 558 years to orbit the Sun, more than double that of Pluto’s 248 years. According to Nick Anthony Fiorenza:

Eris challenges patriarchal authority. As a powerful warrior female force, Eris especially uncovers and challenges patriarchal dominant miss-deeds and acts of misuse of power, especially about male dominance over, or exploitation of, women. Eris takes a stand to reestablish balance to our gender dominance/subservience imbalance by disclosing such discordance… and Eris abhors, will provoke and will challenge the assumption of the reality of a situation when based on false pretense. She provokes change by upsetting the status quo, by upsetting the apple cart. Eris discloses and exposes clandestine affairs, or simply what lies hidden behind innocent but naïve assumptions about reality. She opens our eyes to what is covered by lies, often revealing something deceitful, shameful, ugly, or simply what is unacceptable behavior, often driven from greed or inflated pride. [1]

So Eris square the lunar eclipse and Pluto is going to give more power and influence to the #MeToo Movement. The Sun opposite Moon at a lunar eclipse already highlights differences between masculine and feminine energies. The lunar eclipse will shine a light on abuses of power and all the ugly, cruel, disgusting, immoral, unethical and illegal behavior in society. It especially emphasizes the mistreatment of women by men in positions of power and authority.

Following this lunar eclipse, bad behavior in the domestic and work environment will no longer be tolerated. Annoyance and irritation will turn to aggressive reactions, the exposure of secrets, separations and legal cases. Perpetrators will be shamed, vilified, demoted, fired, fined and imprisoned. Victims will be acknowledged, vindicated, emboldened, promoted and compensated.

Unee offers a healthy, well-timed alternative to patriarchal religions. The change will be good for humanity, it is time.

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