The Path to Unee

How to find the path to Unee.

Visualize walking on a path in the woods, it is calming and serene, you notice the sun peeking in a few spots before you, further down the path you notice some wild flowers growing. On either side of you are rock walls covered in moss, tangled foliage completely covering the surface, you know you can’t climb over the walls, the foliage has thorns and other stinging hairs. The walls keep you on the path, the walls represent your beliefs, set in stone unable to be challenged because of the thorns and spiky leaves.

You walk further and ahead you notice what appears to be a hedge of some type,  you look at it not remembering seeing it before. It is dense and you know you can’t walk through there even though there is no wall blocking the path. While you are studying it, it parts revealing a beautiful path covered with fragrant flowers so lovely you don’t remember ever seeing them before. You walk in drawn by the fragrance and the mystical sense  being stirred in your being. Walking a short distance you come upon an opening with a flowing stream, towering trees flowering with beautiful purple and white flowers surround you, you are so overcome by the beauty and the stillness of this place you feel like you are being renewed from the inside out.

You pause here feeling like you could stay as long as you choose and you face a decision. Do you come here again visiting this sacred space you where you leave behind your world to regain your original self, or do you bring this place with you, renewing your world? Here negative words dissolve, weapons turn to dust and blow away, violence can not exist because it too has no power or purpose here.

In the distance you see a crystal Temple, it glistens in the sun casting rainbows like colors you can walk through as you approach. You will visit the Temple tomorrow. For now, you have a choice, do you visit here or let it become your realty. All you have to give up is negativity and false perception. It is up to you. Unee is here, this is Unee.

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