Start over – forget everything you know

Now they had to remember what he said, he said they had to start over. He never told them they had to believe what he was saying, he invited them to listen and said when they believed it was true they would understand it is true.

He came and planted seeds of change, new ways of thinking. He told them not to be afraid that everything would come to light in its own time.

He told them to let love govern their decisions. He said the old ways had to be challenged, he said heal people of their thoughts, help them see the light by shining the light on outdated modes of thinking. He said each generation would bring more light, but with the light the darkness would also darken.

Don’t miss the message, look deeply until you know. The truth will dawn and you will believe. He told them to expose the worldview to the light and begin again.

Just walk away, what you value is worthless, what you undervalue is precious. He told them, “you humble women will be believed only by those who want to believe, those who want to see, will see.”

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