Spirituality and everyday life

If your spirituality isn’t positively impacting your everyday life then give it up! What is the point? Why meditate, chant, light candles or pray if you are experiencing no change and no benefit?

We need to think seriously about what is working in our spiritual practice and what is not and be honest with ourselves. Saying we are spiritual people and then going back to the same patterns is just a put on not a practice. “I meditate,” ok great what changes do you bring to your life? “I pray,” ok what impact is that having in your life?

We should be practicing our spirituality and seeing connections, observing synchronicities that allow us to see the unity in all things. Our meditation should help us stay centered and rooted so we realize we are a part if a bigger whole.

Our practice should make us more compassionate and empathetic and most of all forgiving. Send your root into the Earth and meet the roots of your ancestors there. Let that provide a solid foundation. Send a column of light to the source of light and see your branches of light expand and touch every light. You may feel the connection then.

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