Restructuring the Body

I am continuing to experiment with remote healing and the effect it has on my body. I continue working with conscious relaxation and notice that it is definitely making a difference in how I feel. I start at the top of my head and bring awareness to every body part feeling it relax. I start with my skull, forehead, eyebrows, back of my head, pineal gland, salivary glands etc. and go through every body part waiting for the melting relaxation feeling. I am doing this at night before sleep and in the morning when I wake. I am finding it easier and quicker to go through with more practice. I am able to keep my focus and notice any areas that have more pain or tightness as I am refamiliarizing my self with my body.

Once relaxed, I focus my energy on the Divine blueprint body and align myself with it drawing into myself the energy I need to restructure my body in the perfect way it was originally made and originally intended. I can feel vibration throughout my body and have connected with my higher self. It is a distinct feeling, I immediately recognized the shift. You notice the thoughts that come from nowhere that seem to randomly pop up, these thoughts can be easily controlled by my higher self. I apply a calm and assertive attitude and I can dispel them. I notice my body from a different vantage point and have connected to a place where the higher self is directing the body. I have realized that the body is simply matter following orders from the mind. If the mind is connected consciously to the higher self the directions are more clear to the body and more purposeful. I feel that I have more control over the healing taking place, I have more energy, I am calmer and less distracted.

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