Reducing Violence by Restoring Honor and Dignity

Unee indicates that the mass shootings we have been experiencing are the result of a person having lost their purpose in life. They have gone a drift morally and they feel powerless and not valued. Unee tells us this is a spiritual issue that will  not be solved by blaming anyone. Empowerment does not mean one person’s gain is another person’s loss, but empowerment means regaining a purpose for your life. Regaining the idea that honoring and caring for each other brings dignity not only to the person being cared for, but for the giver as well. There is honor in caring for others, comforting others and finding usefulness in bringing relief to another.

Unee is telling us we need to reduce materialism which brings a sense of emptiness, a sense of what one is lacking and restore the dignity of helping and valuing each other.

May love prevail.

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