Looking forward or looking back?

We in the Western world pride ourselves on being “forward thinking”, “progressive” (although that word has gotten a bad rap) “advanced” when it comes to science, technology and health care. So why when it comes to religion and/or spirituality are we always looking back, in most cases centuries ago, to define what we believe? We look to patriarchal religions, and they ALL were patriarchal, from cultures that don’t exist anymore to define our spirituality. Where are the Goddesses and Gods of today?

If we think Zeus, Diana, Brigid, Dagda, Hecate were mythical, why do we call on them to define what we believe? We dig through books and fragments, history and signs to see what they believed and try to create a religion that we think they practiced. Even more controversial, what about Jesus? We worship the Man-God who define life in a culture so completely foreign to us because of what he said over 2000 years ago. The Catholic Church leaders parade around in costumes worn centuries ago because somehow that makes them more authentic. Let’s be honest, they must feel very silly in the pointed hats and hot robes.

The energy of the Universe is our spiritual mother, of the Earth stuff we are born, the air we breathe sustains us and the water we drink is such a significant part of us perhaps here is where we define our belief. We can’t live without Earth, Air, Water or Fire. We can live without Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Mohammed.

Unee is the energy of the universe. She is not to be worshipped, just acknowledged and to live in awareness with her. She always has my back, even when I want the outcome to be different I come to realize whatever happened was the best thing for me.

Living in harmony with the elements and then working with them, remembering Unee and being conscious of my thoughts and what I put out by way of my thought energy. Maybe this is spirituality for the 21 century.

Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 on Pexels.com

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